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General Information

Common  Information

Schedule an Appointment with the:          Commanding Officer          Executive Officer



Freshman/Sophomore:  LT Chris Maginniss          Junior/Senior:  LT Greg Fara

  • Academic Concerns
  • Academic Requirements
  • Major Change
  • Scheduling Conflicts

Executive Secretary

Lisa Huff-Rottman

Hours: M-F 0700-1500
*In office on Mondays and Thursdays
*Recommend calling prior to arriving
  • Building Access/Maintenance Issues
  • CIS, Canvas, MS Teams
  • Check In/Out Process
  • Acceptance of Transferred Naval Science Courses
  • Graduation/Commissioning Forms
  • Adding a Naval Science Minor

Supply Officer

 Hours: M-F 0700-1500

*Recommend calling prior to arriving

Human Resources

Angelina Lujan

  • All DOD Documentation/Systems
  • Medical
  • Security
  • Travel 
Last Updated: 4/13/24