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Midshipmen Life

As freshman year of college begins, all incoming Midshipmen, either scholarship recipients or College Programmers, are invited to attend a three-day New Student Orientation (NSO).  This orientation is separate from the Universities’ orientations and provides an introduction to military standards prior to the start of classes.  The introduction includes drill, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps traditions, customs, courtesies, expectations, and physical training (PT).  The entire purpose of this process is to introduce new Midshipmen to the Naval Service, meet their fellow classmates, inform them of what is expected and what to expect for the next four years of college, and set them on the right course for academic and military success.

In addition to degree requirements, every Midshipman is required to take Naval Science classes and attend labs which will lead them to completing a minor in Naval Science.  Labs are held once a week on Thursdays from 1530-1730 which consist of military and physical training skills.  On Thursdays, Midshipmen are required to wear their uniforms on campus.  

Academics are the number one priority of the Naval Science Department, which is why we provide a tutor knowledgeable in Physics and Calculus.  This is in addition to all of the other numerous resources available on each university campus.

Physical training occurs once per week from 0600-0700 (with additional sessions for battalion members in need of additional physical training).  A Physical Readiness Test (PRT), Physical Fitness Test (PFT), and Combat Fitness Test (CFT) are administered each semester for both Navy and Marine Options.  The Naval Science building is equipped with a 24 hour gym specifically available to all Midshipmen and Active Duty personnel.

Even though academics are top priority, extracurricular activities have also been recognized as a contributing factor to a well-rounded military officer.  The NROTC sponsors several activities including: Drill Team, Color Guard, Pistol Team, community service, and an Army/Navy ROTC football game.  Midshipmen are also encouraged to be involved with campus activities.  

In the Fall, the Battalion assists with ticket processing at all Ute home football games in order to fund NROTC Unit events and gifts, such as: Northwest Navy, Navy and Marine Corps Ball, Dining In/Out, and Mess Night. This is the main source of income for the Midshipmen Battalion Fund.

Every summer, Midshipmen on scholarship participate in a summer cruise training program.  This allows students the opportunity to decide which occupation in the Department of the Navy they would be interested in joining upon graduation.    

The above factors: academics, physical fitness, and extracurricular activities, are a sampling of what awaits University of Utah NROTC Midshipmen.  At the completion of their four years, Midshipmen are eligible to receive a commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.

Last Updated: 4/13/24