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Financial Aid

Some universities offer scholarships that can supplement the NROTC Scholarship since NROTC Scholarships do not pay for enrollment/application fees or room and board; those are out of pocket expenses.  However, the NROTC's crosstown affiliate, Westminster College, waives/includes these fees in their tuition for NROTC scholarship students who are not in a Disciplinary/Leave of Absence Status.  Note, if you forego and/or lose your scholarship, you must pay all fees back (this includes a housing cost as it is built into the Westminster Tuition).  The scholarship does include a monthly stipend and increases incrementally each academic year.  Stipends should be used for meals and other living expenses.  For costs not covered by the NROTC Scholarship, we recommend applying for Financial Aid and/or university issued scholarships.  For further information, please refer to the links provided.

Last Updated: 3/20/23