New Student Orientation (NSO)

This is an opportunity for all incoming new NROTC students, both scholarship and College Programmers, to get acquainted with the battalion and informed of the expectations required of a midshipmen. This is not mandatory; however, it is highly encouraged in order to learn the fundamentals of the Navy and Marine Corps traditions, physical training, and required academic courses. At the completion of this orientation a swearing in ceremony will be held.

Northwest Navy

Is an annual competition comprised of several events between the Northwestern NROTC Units: University of Idaho/Washington State University, University of Utah, Oregon State University, and the University of Washington. It occurs during the spring semester, and each school rotates hosting the event. During the 2014-2015 academic year it will be hosted at the University of Idaho.

Army/Navy ROTC Football Match

The Army and Navy ROTC compete in an annual flag football game on campus, in conjunction with the Army/Navy college football game. This is a great opportunity to encourage camaraderie between the military services.

Navy and Marine Corps Ball

In celebration of the founding of the United States Marine Corps and Navy, every fall the NROTC holds an annual Navy and Marine Corps Birthday Ball. This event is also celebrated by the operating forces. By continuing with this tradition it allows midshipmen the opportunity to learn the proper military customs prior to entering active duty. Dates are encouraged at this occasion, and the ceremony is followed by a formal dinner and dancing.

Dining In/Out & Mess Night

These are other traditional occasions that transpire in the operating forces. Generally, this is an annual event held every spring semester by the battalion. The entire unit, active duty, and staff come together for an enjoyable night of camaraderie over a wholesome meal.  

Pistol/Rifle Team

The Naval Science building is equipped with a small bore firing range, giving the members of the pistol/rifle team optimal practice availability to perfect their marksmanship. In previous years several of our midshipmen have competed at the national level through the Precision Marksmanship Society at the University of Utah. The NROTC team competes during Northwest Navy.

Color Guard

Is a highly visible representation of the Naval ROTC, which is called upon to participate in several events throughout the academic year. These ceremonies range from University of Utah sporting events, the Northwest Navy competition, and the Veteran’s Day ceremony.

Drill Team

This team is comprised of all freshman and upper-class midshipmen in leadership positions. These individuals learn basic handling skills of a rifle and memorize a vast amount of military knowledge to perform precise marching movements based upon verbal commands. This team competes during Northwest Navy.

Community Service/Other Extracurricular Activities

The battalion participates in several community service programs such as, volunteering at the Primary Children’s Medical Center, and visitation at the homes of veterans.


On top of all these programs, midshipmen still make time to participate in clubs, student organizations, and jobs. There are a variety of opportunities available to midshipmen, and the NROTC encourages such experience.