Summer Cruise

Summer Cruise
Career Orientation and Training for Midshipmen (CORTRAMID):
Over a four week period, on both the West and East coast, each week introducing a different warfare community: surface, subsurface, aviation and Marine Corps. CORTRAMID familiarizes midshipmen with and reinforces military training they have learned over the past year. This training assists students in determining their preferred service selections.
Rising juniors will participate in a Second Class cruise to familiarize themselves and acclimate to enlisted life. Midshipmen will be assigned an active duty mentor while embarked.
Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC)
Marine Options will be sent to Bridgeport, CA for an intensive 10 day long training, preparing midshipmen for the mental and physical challenges awaiting them as Officers. Completion of this summer training will aid them in succeeding at Officer Candidate School (OCS).
Conducted following the junior year, First Class Cruise is the final active duty training midshipmen will participate in prior to their commissioning.   This cruise exposes Navy Options to the officer and wardroom environment aboard a ship at sea.
Officer Candidate School (OCS)
Marine Options are required to attend an intensive six week long summer training course at Quantico, VA. This course provides basic instruction on general military subjects not covered by the Naval Science curriculum, progressive physical training, and practical leadership application.