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General Information



Active duty students are treated according to their rank, however, can also expect to be treated accordingly with their midshipman year-group counterparts. All active duty personnel still receive full pay and benefits which includes BAH.



MECEP’s are allowed up to four years to complete their degree and STA-21 applicants have three years (36 months). Upon your final semester you will receive a graduation clearance letter informing the NROTC unit if you will pass your final semester in order to graduate and receive a commission. Commissioning occurs prior to when grades are posted. STA-21 graduates will be commissioned as an Ensign in the Navy, and MECEP’s will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps.


Required Courses:

Aside from your degree, active duty studies will be required to take the following Naval Science and academic courses:


STA-21                                                           MECEP___

NVSC 2000                                                    NVSC 3110

NVSC 4020                                                    NVSC 4020

Calculus (6 hrs.)                                              LAB

Physics (6 hrs.)

World Culture/Regional (3 hrs.)                    

English (6 hrs.)






Hill Air Force Base

75th Medical Group

7321 Blamer Street, Bldg. 570

Hill AFB, UT 84056

Phone: (801) 728-2600

Toll Free: 1-800-453-2388


Recommend calling prior to, regardless if you have an appointment.

Hours: Mon., Tues, Thurs., Fri.: 0700-1700

            Wed.: 0900-1200



Hill Air Force Base

Phone Number: (801) 777-1110



Medical record

You will maintain your own record.

Dental Record

This will be maintained at the Hill AFB Dental Clinic.



Make sure you have your dress uniforms up to date; they will be worn a few times throughout the year.


Upon graduation, you will receive your orders, MECEP’s from the MOI/AMOI and STA-21 from Mr. Joe Costello


Active duty students do not go on leave during semester breaks like the other midshipmen unless they have requested and been granted leave. The Commanding Officer generally grants periods of special liberty during the semester breaks as well. MECEP’s will need approval from MOI/AMOI and STA-21’s will have to place a leave chit with the STA-21 advisor. On weekends, if you travel farther than 300 miles from the unit, you are required to take leave.


This is conducted twice a year, and active duty standards still apply.

Service Record

Service Records will be maintained at the Personnel Support Detachment (PSD) at Fallon, NV.


Naval Air Station Fallon

4755 Pasture Road Fallon

Fallon, NV 89496


STA-21 & MECEP Students!

Last Updated: 11/14/17